The ABC of Team-Building

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Success of business relies on how well its employees are associated and cohesive as a team. A self-reliant and comprehensive team connects well, accentuates efficiency, promotes work culture, and motivates each other to achieve predefined organizational goals. This scenario has compounded the need of effective team building in Milton Keynes. Business managements have realized the necessity of building a sincere team for their success. Instead of anticipating this process to happen automatically, they insist on manipulating this procedure and fastening up the process of developing a robust team.

It is observed that people learn quickly when they are relaxed or in a pleasant demeanor. Hence, games and team-based activities seem quite intriguing and valuable for building a successful team. At the same time, a calming environment is also essential in percolating above mentioned values in the employees.

What makes a Good Team?

Good team is like a group of ants. When an ant is self-sufficient to lift the load, it easily does so. But once the load is exceeded, other ants come immediately to lift it without delay. The process is not finished till here. They remain together till the thing is not reached to their hive. Likewise, a good team also works in tandem with a self-disciplined approach and helps each other. It always remains ready to sacrifice and work for a common goal.

The ABC of Team-Building

Team-Building through Room Escape Games:

In the United States of America, team-building activities became quite popular in the recent years. Room escape games and zombie escapes have achieved exemplary popularity and acceptance among the corporate world.

In this innovative activity called escape room, participants are locked in a chamber plotted with clues, riddles, puzzles, etc. They have to accomplish the task of solving each and every challenge and come out shining after finding the keys hidden inside the room itself. They are given only 60 minutes to complete this task. This is a real test of the instincts of each participant because they must coordinate with each other to crack clues.

Adding more pressure on the participants, a zombie is chained in the room. It will get closer and closer with the passing of time. Many other theatrical and special effects are added to provide a competitive training to your employees in the most entertaining manner. Your team can develop countless values through this interesting game. And all this comes naturally in a fun way.

At the end, each and every move of participants is analyzed on various parameters to suggest how better they were or they could have communicated, reacted, decided, and escaped from the trap. This certainly helps to recognize hidden attributes of your millennial workforce.

What Room Escape Games Can Teach to The Teams Participating in Them?

Team building in Portsmouth is effective only if it helps to develop certain skills and characteristics in the participating groups. Here are some of these attributes being infused by the exercises like room escape games.


Players have to transmute the information loud and clear to other participants. It is important to figure out each and every thing you come across in the room. This will help to find clues and ultimate solutions. To crack puzzles and riddles, each member has to communicate individual ideas and suggestions.


Leadership is a must to succeed in a room escape game. A team has to take up the task as one and drive through the challenges. Without leadership, it is nearly impossible to get out of this trap. The staged leader in team has to be multitasking and put everything together to solve the puzzle.

Listening to Everyone:

Every member of the team should be treated at par in this trap room, irrespective of hierarchy. The person who has ability and drive to solve the puzzle should be listened to carefully. The participants should never neglect the views of others because anyone can have a clue or solution for such sticky situation.

Be Together:

The entire team trapped in this room has to work together instead of blaming each other. Disputes will waste time and they will become the feast of zombie. Here, believing in your capability and bringing the whole team together is important to escape. A team that works together always finds its way out quite easily. Hence, it teaches the skill of working in perfect coordination as a team.

Accepting Mistakes:

Instead of justifying yourself, one must also develop the skill of accepting mistakes. Remember that you may not be the only smart person in the room. Others must also have equal opportunity to solve the clues. It helps to learn accepting the mistakes and never repeat them.

These are the key factors that you must understand about the relevance of team building exercises (

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