Four Indoor Team Building Activities with Step-by-Step Instructions

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Is the weather not giving you enough space to conduct team-building activities? Well, we got you covered with some awesome indoor terms building activities that you can take up to the next level. When you set up such activities for your employees, you ensure that each individual gets to open up to others and get a certain sense of confidence on how one should be functioning along with a team. Thus, if you are looking for “Team building activities Miami”, this is one of the best things you are doing for your employees.

In this fast-paced world, where every one of us simply sits in front of the laptop and works crazily without getting to have any face-to-face interaction with anyone, such team building activities can make a lot of difference and the employees can get more productive at their work. Therefore, follow this space to know some amazing ideas for team building activities that you can conduct indoors with all the instructions.

1 A professional dancing lesson

The best way to create a happy environment in your office as a team-building activity is by conducting a fun dance session by hiring some professional dancers. Dancing is such a form through which everyone can express without saying and can release all the build-up stress in no time. All you need to do is call up a good dance institute in Miami and set up a day and date for this activity for the team. The dancers will come on the given day and set the floor on fire by ensuring that every single person in the room is enjoying their heart out.


• Call up a good dance instructor.

• Gather everyone in a room with enough space and let the instructor guide them through some simple steps.

• Let all the individuals take their own sweet time to get comfortable and open up while they follow the dance instructor.

2 Chest of Hopes and Dreams

This is a great indoor team-building activity that you can take up as it helps the individuals to know about how they can reach their hopes and dreams. The outcomes are going to be positive and will build a sense of trust among each other


• Ask everyone to write down what they desire in their life on a piece of paper.

• Then place all those chits of paper in a bowl or hat.

• Now pull out each piece of paper and read aloud the wishes written one by one.

• Let everyone discuss those wishes and desires.

3 Karaoke of PowerPoint

If you are looking to conduct a team building activities Miami which is something out of the box and no one could even think of it, then it is the Karaoke of PowerPoint. The game is full of fun, laughter, and humor and will surely bring out the extroverted side of the individuals.


• Search for some random PPTs on the internet that has about 10 to 12 slides and save them aside.

• Gather your employees in the meeting room.

• Every individual will get around five minutes to present the PPT that they have never come across in their life by interpreting the data, information, and all the graphs in it, and have fun!

4 Wall Memoir

How about a team-building activity that can get the entire staff talking and having a beautiful conversation while recalling the good times they have shared and spend together? This game could encourage bonding between each other and a sense of understanding while sharing happiness and joy around the room.


• Write down some topics related to the work on a big whiteboard, for instance, the best memory of my work, the happiest day at the office, funniest situation to name a few.

• Now ask everyone to write down a memory that is close to their heart and stick it to the wall next to those given topics.

• Now select some random answers and let that individual talk about that memory.

You can select any of these four indoor games as a part of team building activity and you will see that your employees are enjoying every bit of that moment. It is important to conduct such activities as it increases trust among each other and the employees start to open up and share certain things with the team. Give them a surprise with these awesome games and you will notice the difference!

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