Tips for CEOs – Executive Recruitment and Placement – Some Highly Effective Strategies

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There is one topic that interests CEOs more than anything else: ways to increase revenue. Although leading a company requires a specific skill set, the most important approach is to create a pathway that drives the company to thrive and dominate the market.

To accomplish this, many firms depend on executive recruitment agencies to assist with business development and make placements. Below we’ll look at some highly effective strategies for executive and recruitment placements.

Executive Recruitment and Placement – Some Highly Effective Strategies

Core Values and Industry Expertise

To target prospects who share core values as well as industry expertise, find a recruitment agency that truly understands your company – one that you not only like, but also trust. It’s no longer good business to only look at prospects with industry expertise.

You want to be sure that the executive recruitment agency shares your firm’s values. Share your business philosophies and how you treat clients and candidates. Make sure they have a firm understanding of how your company operates, what your brand is, and your reputation.

That being said, it’s also extremely important that you are able to articulate exactly who you envision to fill your position. An executive recruitment and placement firm can’t bring you the best candidates unless they have an illustration of what they look like. This also assists with choosing one in the area you need.

womens-movement-511703_1280Create a Thorough Job Description

An agency can’t help you find the best candidate to fill your executive positions unless they know exactly what your company is looking for. To do this, make sure you determine exactly what the position consists of, including things like what specific tasks they will perform, what skill set is required, and what education level is needed.

Reviewing or Revamping Executive Positions

It may very well be that you have a job description prepared that you’ve been using for years. If this is the case, perhaps it’s time to review, brainstorm, and revamp the job description.

This is most important if you find yourself filling this position regularly – it’s not an open position where someone was promoted, but one where previous employees left because of dissatisfaction ( with the firm.

Although sometimes it seems that it is a personal issue with the employee(s), it could be that the job description has issues. For example, maybe one element of the position is overly stressful, but doesn’t have to be if better practices were put in place.

Staffing Success for Clients – Partner With a Recruitment and Placement Agency

It’s important for growth and development of your company to share with potential clients your firm’s success and track record with employees and candidates. It’s important for clients to see how you choose and treat your employees, because it demonstrates the work environment in its entirety.

This can be done by creating, posting and advertising in a marketing video – by providing positive testimonials from clients and giving kudos to candidates. Or, a blog post describing a search assignment that was carried out profitably.

By partnering with an executive recruitment agency, they can help you with this aspect. Not only will they help you build your perfect executive team, they can also help you answer the question of how you can best depict your company’s staffing success and proven record with candidates and employees.

What About Potential Clients?

Another way executive recruitment and placement firms can help companies, is through their knowledge of the industry. Not all potential clients are clients that you want to do business with. Recruitment agencies may know more about the industry than anyone else.

They know which businesses have bad reputations, especially when it comes to how they treat their employees. If a company is known in the marketplace for being the worst place to work, then perhaps they may not be the ideal firm to do business with.

Key Strategy – A Large Talent Pool

Since the best practice to filling key positions is to find potential candidates from a variety of sources, working with a recruitment agency is the best strategy. They have an arsenal of professionals in their database. As well, they have a variety of sources to find them, such as the internet, networking, other companies, social media, etc.

When it comes to increasing revenue, implementing these highly effective strategies for working with an executive recruitment and placement firm is the best practice for companies.

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