What are the Benefits of Hiring Remotely?

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Gone are the days when working remotely every once in a while was a nice job payoff. But times have changed and we are now in the middle of a totally new “remote work” era. The credit goes to the deadly pandemic.

According to a recent report, around 5 million Americans work from home at least half the week. Also, there has been a 173% increase in the number of employees who work remotely since 2005 as per another report. And 71% of employees say remote working has a high impact on their retention with their organization.

So, let’s find out in detail the advantages of hiring remotely or remote employees.

Remote Employees Are More Productive

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, remote employees are more productive than employees working in the offices.

Another study by TINYpulse reveals that remote employees felt an astounding 91% more productive when they worked from home. So. it’s a data-driven fact that working remotely improves productivity.

Here are three major reasons why productivity goes up:

Less Distraction: Remote employees do not lose focus due to office noise or colleagues dropping by their desks. It helps them to practice focused and uninterrupted deep work more often.

Full Control Over Schedule: Not every employee is the same. Some might feel highly productive during the morning hours while some could be a night owl. Remote working allows staff to create and control their own schedules to ensure productive working and complement their lifestyle. This is beneficial for both the employee and employer.

Flexibility: Remote working comes with flexibility and this helps employees create their ideal work environment which translates into improved productivity.

You Can Access A Wider Talent Pool

The best candidate for your organization may not live nearby to your office or area of operation.

On one hand, if you stick to hiring staff from a set location, you limit your talent pool.

And on the other hand, hiring remotely enables you to access the very best performers across the world. This also helps you attract younger talented people to work in your company.

They are used to communicating easily and promptly across the globe and prefer flexibility in the work environment. And they also expect the same opportunities in their careers. Remote working satisfies all these points.

Saves Costs

Hiring remotely can also reap huge savings for your business. The primary reason is you don’t have to bear office or infrastructure expenses. You don’t need to pay for furniture, office supplies, and wages of cleaners, security, and invest in any other resources which are must-haves when you have to maintain an office.

Studies suggest organizations with remote employees save around 10,000 USD per employee each year in real estate expenses.

Moreover, you could save money spent on wasted hours. Research shows that on average, office employees waste more than 8 hours per week on non-work related activities. But with remote workers, you mostly pay for the billable hours that are spent working on your projects.

Increases Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Hiring and training new employees requires you to spend a lot of time and resources. And replacement costs more than that.

According to a report, replacing an employee making 50,000 USD annually will cost your organization 20% of compensation. And if the job role requires high levels of education and training then you will have higher turnover costs.

Hiring remotely can help you mitigate such costs. According to a report, 95% of employers find telework has a high impact on employee retention. Here are some reasons why remote working make employees stick to a company.

● Ability to work from anywhere in the world

● They can spend more time with their family

● Save time and money and commuting. It also saves their energy.

● Their quality of life improves.

Long story short, hiring remotely not only wipes out many of the burdens that comes with a traditional job. It also reflects that you value your employees and trust them to do exceptional work whereever they happen to be located.

So how do you hire your employees? Do you have any questions about hiring remotely? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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