What Does an Employment Lawyer Do for You?

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There are many employers who deliberately victimize certain employees when it comes to salary raise or discrimination or while handing out any big project or terminating them. And during such situations, an employee must know what steps to take rather than hiding out in some corner and worrying about the future. No doubt if you become a victim of wrongful termination or racial discrimination, your career might be at stake, but taking the right legal steps with the help of an employment lawyer can save the future for you. Thus, if you are looking for a Glendale employment lawyer, you must know what he or she can do for you.

An employment lawyer is the person who protects and familiarize you with all the legal rights that your employer has violated. The lawyer also tells you all the other rights being an employee that you have never heard of. The employment lawyer makes sure that your rights are completely protected at your workplace and if you have suffered any physical or mental trauma because if your employer, then he also fights for the claim for you.

Explains you all your rights

This is the basic thing that an employment lawyer does when you pay your first visit. The lawyer will make you understand your rights at the workplace and based on your case, he or she will explain to you what all options you have that include a lawsuit, negotiation, mediation, and other things and help you make the right decision.

Filing complaints of all sorts

If you have been a victim of discrimination on the basis of caste, race, religion, or sex at your workplace, then your employment attorney files the discrimination complaint within the 180 days of that incident. Though you can do it by yourself, but the attorney is the best person to do it as he knows what exactly to include in the complaint and what all allegations to be made. Your employment lawyer can also file litigation if you have suffered wrongful termination or denies of your benefits of fair compensation by your employer.

Evaluating employment contract

You have been waiting to get a raise from many months now, but your employer is juggling you and ignoring your needs. In this case, an employment attorney can go through your employment contract and point out the clauses that will help you get a raise in your job or also he can find the arbitration agreements in your contract that you want to rethink.

Third-party complaints

It is not always necessary that the employer is responsible for everything bad that happens at the workplace. There are sometimes other employees who discourage or pull down the fellow employee. In these cases, an employment lawyer can file the third part lawsuit on your behalf by preparing the complaint and negotiating with the other party for a fair settlement.

Represents you

Being your employment lawyer, he or she represents you during the mediation sessions. If by any chance your case goes into the trial, then you are all covered by your employment lawyer as he or she will do everything for you and save you all the headache.

Negotiating with the employer

It is simply not advisable for you to go and negotiate with your employer about the settlement. Instead, it is always mindful to let your employment attorney negotiate with them. They have the tricks to communicate and talk regarding the settlement that you are expecting.

Lawsuits regarding wage and hour

If you are in a situation where your employer is telling you to work overtime and also refusing to pay the compensation for that, then in such cases, your employment lawyer can file a lawsuit against the employer for keeping you off the clock and not paying for the overtime.

Workplace crimes are most common these days, and that is why you should be aware of your basic rights at the workplace. Never be silent if you face wrongful termination or discrimination or sexual harassment or any other thing that violates your rights at the workplace. Glendale employment lawyer is always there for you to help you protect your rights and negotiate the desired settlement for you.

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