When Do You Need to Hire an Employment Lawyer?

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When you go to work, you must know that there are certain rights for the employees and the employer must protect those rights. If anything goes wrong at the workplace, most of the time you do not say a word against it as all you want is your job security and secured career. Sexual harassment at the workplace, discrimination, wrongful termination, when this kind of situation arises, you are not sure what actions you should take and whether it is okay to hire an employment lawyer. That is why along with understanding the rights as an employee, you must also know when you should hire an employment lawyer. If you are looking for a lawyer, then you can search on the internet employee lawyer Los Angeles and you will get a lot of options to choose from.

Before you know that when do you need an employment lawyer, you must understand what an employment lawyer does. The employment lawyer deals with every aspect of the employment-related issues that include wage and hour issues, discrimination, sexual harassment, safety concerns to name a few.

An employment lawyer is capable of protecting the rights of the employee and take actions if those rights are being violated. When you exhaust all your options like following the employee handbook protocol to report any harassment or discrimination, then the attorney takes further steps.

When do you need an employment lawyer?

Wrongful termination

If you think that you were wrongfully terminated, then you must know that you need to hire an employment lawyer to take care of this issue. Since your career is at stake, your lawyer will make sure to look into the matter in detail and collect all the evidence that proves that your termination was illegal. Many employers believe that if they fire their employees illegally, they will not take any action and find out their way to get another job. But since it is about protecting your rights, you must do what is logical and hire an employment lawyer to win you the desired compensation.

Sexual Harassment and discrimination

Most of us think that sexual harassment is only about physical assault. But the sexual harassment holds more meaning. Sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace have become extremely common these days. And that includes discriminating based on sex, caste, gender, religion, nationality, color, etc. There are a lot of intricacies to it that we do not understand. Let’s take an example if your employer decides to go for a mass layoff and the people who are aid off are of certain age except you, then your employer has violated the provisions of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. If a female employee is paid less salary than the male employee and both are working in the same position, then it becomes a violation of the Equal Pay Act. And in both these cases, the employee has the right to file charges of discrimination against the employer.

If any of your fellow workers or your employer is sending you vulgar and uncomfortable texts or asking you for sexual favors of passing on comments on your appearance, then that comes under sexual harassment. If any of the abovementioned has happened to you then only an employment lawyer can help you cope up with this situation.


In this situation, if you have complained about any wrongdoings in the office like harassment or discrimination and turn your employer has threatened you in a manner like terminating you or not giving you any promotion then you must consider hiring an employment lawyer. Also, always raise your to voice out loud if you see your employer violating any law or following any unethical practices at the workplace.

These are just a few examples of when you should hire an employment lawyer. It is always best to know your rights as an employee and be aware of what goes on in the workplace. If you suspect anything wrong at the workplace or if you become a victim of harassment or discrimination, waste no time and contact an employment lawyer for legal consultation and decide your course of action.

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