When does a Termination become a ‘Wrongful Termination’?

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Being a responsible citizen, you must know that the law is there to protect you and your rights. Even in case of the employment, certain laws protect the rights of the employee and employers. Therefore, before you make any decision, you must know the intricacies of it along with the effects. Wrongful termination is such a thing where the future of the employee is at stake and it is nothing but an unfair decision by the employer. But consulting with an employee wrongful termination lawyer would give you a detailed structure of how these cases work.

Therefore, if you have been recently fired from your job by the employer and you feel that your termination was wrongful, then you have all the valid reasons to file a case against the employer and get a claim for your financial losses.

Before, going into the other details, let’s just first understand the basic concept of wrongful termination. Just like the name suggests, wrongful termination occurs when the employee is fired on unethical or wrongful terms. It constitutes infringing any federal or state law by the employer and in that case, the employee has all the right to make a legal claim for wrongful termination.

How does a termination become “Wrongful”?

Termination based on discrimination

The dismissal or termination of an employee becomes wrongful when he or she is fired based on religion, race, sex, gender, caste, and nationality. If you experience a termination based on racial discrimination reasons or for complaining about it, then you can go ahead and file a claim with an employee wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles.

Hostile work environment and sexual harassment

Sexual harassment of any kind is illegal and should not be tolerated by anyone at the workplace. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual harassment is considered illegal for which you can claim compensation and punitive damages. And if you feel that you were sexually harassed and terminated for that reason by your employer, or for complaining about it, then you have the case of wrongful termination against your employer. Along with the advice of your lawyer, you can claim for your damages, emotional and physical sufferings from the employer. Sexual harassment is so widespread and common at the workplace that it makes the whole working environment hostile and as a result, the employees cannot work efficiently and give their best on the job. Many times, the employees are forced to leave their jobs just because they were not able to tolerate the harassment at work. All of these issues make termination a wrongful one.

Breaching the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Being an employee, it is your right to take leaves and if the leaves are for family or medical reasons, then no one can stop you from taking those. The FMLA protects your rights for taking leave when you or your family member is ill, or you are having a baby. Every employee becomes eligible for FMLA leave after spending a year on that job and covering at least 1,250 hours of work. Therefore, you can take the leave for the following reasons:

• Taking care of an ill family member suffering from any medical condition.

• Birth of taking care of a newborn baby

• Taking the leave if the employee is suffering from a medical condition that is not allowing him to resume the job.

• Taking care of an adopted kid.

If you have taken any of these above leaves and your employer fires you on those grounds, then you have a wrongful termination suit against the employer. A wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles can help you out with filing all the necessary claims and protecting your rights as an employee.

Therefore, if you strongly believe that you were fired for all the wrongful reasons, do not hesitate to contact an experienced wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles as only a lawyer will be able to give you the best advice in this situation. Now that you know what all reasons could be there to consider termination a wrongful one, do not waste any further time and save your professional life by filing a wrongful termination claim.

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