Why Do You Need to Consult an Employee Lawyer?

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When it comes to hiring an employee lawyer Los Angeles workers will find it to their advantage to find an experienced and knowledgeable one to protect their rights in their workplace. Often, employees are as unaware of their rights as employers are of their legal obligations. That can lead to employee abuse and rights violations, creating a toxic work environment. If that describes your situation, it might be advisable to contact an employment lawyer to review your case.

As an employee, it is your legal right to be able to do your work without having to put up with hostility and harassment from your employer and colleagues. Many people suffer in silence as they are afraid of losing their job if they speak up. Others might leave a well-paying job that supports their family just because they can no longer endure the abuse.

However, you don’t have to resign yourself to either of these options. The employment law in California is on your side, and a competent employee lawyer Los Angeles will look out for your interests and get you justice by making sure that your employer complies with state and federal laws.

Reasons to consult an employee lawyer

Here are a few reasons why you might need to consult an employee lawyer:

• You have faced workplace discrimination related to your age, gender, race, nationality, religion, health condition, or disability.

• You are suffering from emotional distress due to workplace abuse and harassment from your boss and colleagues.

• You have to work overtime at the office without receiving extra pay for it.

• You do not receive legally mandated meal and rest breaks during the workday.

• You do not get paid sick time off.

• You do not get family medical leave.

• You have suffered from sexual harassment at the hands of your boss and colleagues.

• You are facing retaliation from your employer or colleagues for lodging a complaint for harassment or for not participating in illegal activities.

• You received a termination notice from the job through no fault of yours and without severance pay.

• You are facing pressure to sign a legal agreement that you don’t understand or find unfair.

How an employee lawyer can help you

If you are not part of a union, you might find it hard to go up against your employer by yourself. That is especially so if they are a big corporation with high-power attorneys and legal resources.

The employment laws in California are complex and prone to frequent changes. Unless you have a solid understanding of legal matters and court procedures, your employer’s lawyers might find legitimate ways to sidestep your claims. They might offer to settle and pay you a lot less than you deserve in compensation, or try to avoid compensating you altogether. If the case goes to court, they might use manipulative tactics to win, and you could end up having to pay them for the expenses they incurred in defending against your lawsuit.

By having an experienced employee lawyer in your corner, however, you can avoid being taken advantage of in such ways. To prove that you have suffered from harassment or been unfairly treated at your workplace and build your case, they will gather the right documentary evidence.

They will collect defamatory and abusive emails, voice messages, voice recordings, video recordings, and notes that you have received. They will speak with witnesses and other victims and get their signed written statements or video statements. If you have received an unjust termination notice, they will collect your work records and work samples to prove you had an acceptable level of job performance and were not at fault.

While the employee lawyer will negotiate with your employer to get you a fair settlement, they will not hesitate to take the matter to trial if the negotiations fail. They will know how to present evidence and witnesses before the jury and make a compelling case on your behalf. They will also know how to steer clear of pitfalls or diversionary tactics laid out by the opposition lawyers. They will keep their attention on the crucial task of winning your case and ensuring you get justice.

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