Four Team Building Activities Based on Cooperation and Teamwork

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In contemporary corporate environment, the millennial workforce is driven by innovative methodologies and a collaborative approach in handling the work. Hence, businesses lay more impetus on team building exercises to culminate coordination and support among their employees. In this regard, activities based on proactive collaboration and tricky challenges are the best way to develop the spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

There are many activities that you can prefer for building a robust team. They are based on the specific demands and challenges of different industry verticals. Here are the 4 excellent team building activities in Chicago, Boston, or Columbus that you can choose for building trust and collaboration in your teams.

  1. Room Escape:

Escape room is a prominent game-based activity for team building in Southampton. It has gained huge popularity among the people. It is also largely helpful to develop cooperation and teamwork that works brilliantly for businesses. It brings overall improvement in teams’ behavior, sincerity, courage, motivation, and communication to deliver excellent results under pressure. Cities like Chicago, Dallas, Columbus, etc. are highly benefited with such activity centers.

These games are encompassed with lots of fun and entertainment accentuated by some tangible challenges. People have to escape from a room in which they are locked with their group. It is a mind-blowing experience for players. Every twist adds a new adventure in the game. Participants are given only 60 minutes to escape from the room.

Several clues and riddles are planted in this room in a way that solving them can show a way out. To add the scary factor, a zombie is chained into the chamber along with you. With every five minutes, the zombie gets nearer by one foot. This zombie, along with some special effects and theatrical elements, put an extra pressure and fun to your adventure. It also persuades to complete the task as soon as possible. In case of failure, zombie will eat you! This is the theme of room escape game.

Room escape game really exposes the intellect of participants and inspires them to lead in stringent situations. It tests your nerves and temperament to handle pressure times. It endeavors motivation and enthusiasm in participants which they can bring back to their work as well.

  1. Personal Shield:

This game particularly targets to develop communication between the colleagues. Improper communication may develop certain differences among the colleagues. This situation may be taxing for your business.

Personal Shield is a thoughtful activity aiming to encourage active communication. Each member of team is given an A4 size paper, crayons, and colored pens to draw. They are given a task of drawing their ambition, admired personality, and dream destination. On completion, they need to explain their thought and these thoughts are posted on the walls. This activity removes the shield that people carry to their workplace. It develops creativity, understanding, and motivation in a team.

  1. Trust Fall:

This innovative activity strengthens the team with comfort and trust for each other. Trust fall is an excellent initiative to percolate confidence in a team. The game is very simple and easy to understand.

In this interesting activity, a group of people is made to stand in circle leaving no gaps in between. One member should stand in the middle, hands folded on chest and eyes closed. Now, middle person makes a free fall in any direction when she or he feels comfortable. Participants standing in circle will ensure to catch hold of that person and put him/her in the right posture again. This activity is tried on each member one by one.

With this activity, the team is able to develop trust for each member. The mechanism of co-ordination, dependability, support, and care is deeply penetrated in it. Here, the team works as a shield for each member and crosses over the hurdles coming in way.

  1. Scavenger Hunt:

Scavenger hunt is an interesting game for onboarding in a company. When an organization recruits new employees, they need a proper onboarding process to acclimatize with the work culture and build unison with existing teams for better performance. The adventure of scavenger hunt requires the team to find a defined target. To achieve this aim, participants need to travel through different departments and zones. The entire team has to coordinate well to be on right way. Cracking the clues and grabbing all goodies can be an extremely enjoyable experience.

These are four fun-filled and thrilling team building exercises that are based on cooperation and team work among the employees.

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