Why Job Seekers Should Work with Staffing Agencies

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Staffing agencies play an important role in helping businesses find top talent. Many job seekers avoid using staffing agencies as they think they will have to sacrifice a fraction of pay to them. The truth is the majority of the employment agencies do not charge any fees to job seekers as companies pay them well for their services.

The “Free Service” is not the only advantage of using an employment agency. Here are a few reasons that show the importance of staffing agencies Los Angeles to help in your job hunt.

Not All Jobs are Advertised on Employment Boards

Recruiting is a hectic process and many companies prefer using recruitment agencies for the task.  As per a Frontline Source group study, around 90% companies use a staffing agency, which means you are losing a large number of job opportunities by staying away from staffing agencies.

Knowledge about Job Market

Staffing agencies are not just experts in recruitment. They have good knowledge of several industries for which they recruit and also know about the new developments and hiring trends in the industry. Since they have deeper connections in the industry, they might be the first ones to know which startups are coming up and which company is planning for recruitment.

When you work with staffing agencies in Los Angeles you are more likely get access to jobs that are not available in the open market. This increases chances of getting employed quickly.

Company Info

When companies contract staffing agencies, they brief them about their staffing requirements and also inform them about work culture. They give this inside information to employment agencies so that agencies can visualize what kind of candidate can fit well in their organization. Employment agencies have an ocean of knowledge about their clients. This information can help you prepare better for the interviews and increase chances of getting hired.

Wider Job Opportunities

Recruitment consultants work with many clients so they can get you more relevant jobs than your solitary job hunt. Since recruitment consultants have more knowledge about the industry, they might open a new career frontier that you might not have thought of.

Furthermore, recruitment agencies can be of great help to job seekers who are looking for senior positions. Through many years of relationships with the clients, agencies are often the first ones to know about senior profiles needed by their client. The senior positions are generally not made public or filled through internal references.

Skill and Career Growth Opportunities

We live in a technology era and have seen the emergence of new areas such as the cloud, big data, DevOps, mobility, IoT and several others. Some employment agencies organize skill enhancement programs for job seekers registered with them. This helps job seekers to reach their full potential and increase chances of better employment. The skill enhancement programs may include occupational skills training, building interviews skills, increasing job readiness, soft skills training and more.

Once you are registered with staffing agencies in San Francisco, your name gets included in their talent pool/candidate database. Since your details are stored with them, they might inform you about new job opportunity even when you are not actively searching for a job.

Longer Consideration Periods

Since employment agencies manage most steps of recruitment for companies, they can allow you longer consideration periods when you are not sure about taking up a job offered.  This does not happen when you look for jobs on your own as companies don’t wait for longer periods for candidates after offering the job position. They generally consider the next candidate in line if you don’t respond to their job offer within 1-2 days.

Time Saving

Job hunting is a time-consuming task. You need to keep an eye on multiple employment boards, send resumes, and prepare for interviews. When you work with a staffing agency, they will route job positions that may interest you and applicable to your skill set. You don’t have to look for jobs on employment boards nor send resumes; the agency will do it for you.

When the agency finds a suitable job position, they will inform you and schedule the interview after consulting you.

Staffing agencies in Los Angeles are your best support system when looking for a job. They will shorten your job hunt and will guide you throughout the employment process.

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