The Benefits of Using Recruiting Agencies

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Recruitment is a time-consuming process yet an important task for every organization. The changing employment landscape is seeing an increase in job opportunities, competition between companies to attract the best talent, and the rise of startups makes the recruiting job tougher for every recruiter.

This is why it has become important for organizations to take on the help of recruiting agencies Los Angeles as they can cut short their hiring turnaround time.

According to a recruitment survey, 70% of companies use staffing agencies to fill 73% job positions in their company. Searching for a job on their own can be bit difficult and time-consuming. A large number of candidates looking for jobs or career growth opportunities approach recruitment agencies who have more knowledge about job opportunities in the local market

Companies can benefit from the relationship of convenience that exists between candidates and recruitment agency. But that’s not all. Here are some more advantages of working with recruitment agencies.

Market Knowledge

Recruitment agencies have a deeper knowledge of the employment market as it is a core function of their business. They create and maintain talent pools and understand the real job needs and the skill sets required for each job position. Staffing agencies in Los Angeles are also aware of career and salary expectations of the candidates and the hiring complexities.

Besides unemployed candidates looking for job opportunities, the recruitment agency also knows about the best talent working elsewhere. They can communicate to them about exciting job opportunities in your company. Without recruitment agency assistance, it would be difficult for HR departments to reach such talented candidates and get them on board.

Saves Time and Money

There are several levels of recruiting that includes posting job ads, digging through resumes to find potential candidates, arranging interviews, and performing background checks before taking candidates on board. Quite evident, if you do it in-house, it’s going to eat up your money and time.

When you hire a recruitment agency, all recruitment related tasks are managed by them. This means your recruiter can save time and focus on other pressing needs of the organization.

Performing pre-recruitment evaluations take time and it means several HR employees spending resources on these time-intensive tasks that cost the company indirectly. These upfront expenses can hurt companies having a smaller HR department.

Reduces the Chance of a Bad Hire

A bad hire is a burden for any company. According to a research, a bad hire can take 17% of manager’s time that is equivalent to almost one day a week. If you plan to keep the bad hire and train him/her further, it could cost up to five times a bad hire’s annual salary; the higher the position, the more loss to your company.

The chances of bad hires are greatly reduced when you work with recruitment agencies as they create and maintain their own talent pools. They offer candidates variety of training resources to hone their skills and learn new ones. When you work with a recruitment agency, you get immediate access to these talent pools and you benefit from employing a more capable employee with industry specialization and a wider skill-set.

Help in Strengthening Employer Brand

Employer brand has gained critical importance in today’s world. Larger companies can allocate funds to build employer brand but SME’s lack the financial power needed to build an employer brand. But, SMEs can work with recruiting agencies and provide insights about their organization and culture to potential candidates.

The interview process is the right opportunity to showcase a strong employer brand. There would be cases where the selected candidate is not interested in joining the organization. Such things can be avoided by building a strong employer brand and communicating it to the candidate during the hiring process. Organizations that fail to learn the importance of a strong employer brand miss out on benefits such as lower staff turnover rates and more savings per hire.

These are only some of the benefits of using recruitment agencies.  Once you have developed a good relationship with the recruitment agency, all your future hiring activities will go more smoothly.

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