The Purpose of a Temp to Hire Staffing Agency

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Businesses often require staff on a temporary basis, when a member of the staff goes on medical leave, unscheduled absenteeism, or if the business needs help during their busy season, help with a design or development project, etc. you may have to find a replacement or temp staff immediately. Temp-to-hire staffing agencies help employers to actually “try before they buy,” the resource, as they get to test the abilities of the resource first, and if they are satisfied with the performance of the employee depending on the business requirement they may offer a permanent position.

Staffing agencies offer help to businesses by providing a vetted, quality workforce. According to labor department statistics, these agencies offer more than 2 million qualified workers to American businesses. Temp to hire staffing agencies working as full-time recruitment consultants build a huge database of qualified and experienced who can hit the ground running, meaning employers need not worry about investing further in training the new hire. Compared to direct hire staffing agency, the temp to hire agencies help businesses by providing staff on flexible terms such as temporary workers, temp-to-hire workers, permanent workers on very short notices, as they actively pursue active and passive job seekers.

With more and more businesses turning to temp to hire staffing agencies to offer quality workforce, staffing agencies have broadened their scope to offer additional administrative help to companies to help them save time and money. If you are not sure about using a temp-to-hire agency for your business, here are some of the functions or purposes of a temp staffing agency that helps business function smoothly and save resources.

  • Offer top talent to Businesses: The primary function of a staffing agency is to offer qualified and experienced staff that can hit the ground running. These agencies, as full-time recruiters, build a huge database of top talent available for projects, at short notices. With careful analysis of the job requirements and demands, staffing companies match your jobs with the candidates and offer the best possible match.
  • Cater to Industry’s Specific Requirements: Staffing agencies need to cater to the specific requirements of each industry they work with, so they offer highly productive workforce. The need to have complete knowledge of the industry, the job demands, and their workforce requirements so they can help the businesses by offering high quality talent. They track the latest trends in the industry, the business requirements, so they understand what kind of workforce requirements does such businesses have and offer suitable matches.
  • Understand the long-term goals: Alongside knowledge of the industry, the staffing agencies also have a deeper understanding of the specific business units they work with, keeping in mind the culture, the work environment, and the long-term goals of the business. An understanding of the long-term goals of hiring will help staffing agencies provide top talent for the business, resulting in satisfied employers and job seekers.
  • Replacement: The temp-to-hire agency offers business replacement guarantee, as often times companies may find a candidate not compatible with the business culture, or if the resource fails to stand up to the specific expectation of the hiring manager and may not be happy with the resource. The staffing agency under the replacement guarantee, will offer another suitable candidate to the business, and ensure the smooth functioning of the business.
  • Administrative Tasks: Businesses look towards staffing agencies to outsource all issues relating to recruitment, as they may not have the time or resource to handle such issues. The purpose of staffing consultants is to take care of all the issues such as screening, interviewing candidates, training, even payroll, leave scheduling etc. The temp-to-hire agencies should have knowledge of the laws and rules of such issues so they do ensure smooth functioning of the business without any dissatisfaction to businesses or candidates.
  • Retention:  Staffing agencies invest heavily in finding the candidates, building list of top talent, conducting interviews, training, etc., they need to retain employees, candidates so their investment proves profitable. When you match a candidate with a business requirement, the business also invests time and resources on the candidate, trains him to understand the specific business, demand of the job etc., so businesses expect staffing agencies to retain trained employees so their business functions continuously.

The primary purpose of temp-to-hire staffing agencies is to provide businesses with top talent that can hit the ground from the start and take care of all the administrative tasks associated with recruiting, saving time and money spent in hiring.

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