The Role of Staffing Agencies in Job Search Markets

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Staffing Agencies offer high-quality and well-experienced professionals to companies that are predominantly not accessible through other channels. They play a diverse role in job search markets including finding hidden talent, finding the right combination of people for projects and many other roles. Creative staffing agency Los Angeles play a major role in helping people find the right job.

According to Workforce Investment Board Member survey, around 45% companies use staffing agencies to fulfill their employment needs. So, does that mean you must go for a recruiting agency Los Angeles?

Let’s take a look at the reasons and the role they play when working with organizations to help guide your decision.

Why Companies Use Staffing Agencies

Recruiting is a critical task for every organization. Many organizations do not have time to scan hundreds of resumes, conduct interviews and filter the good candidates from the rest. Staffing agencies are a specialist in this field and have the required knowledge and experience to create job profiles to attract the right kind of talent.

They understand the requirements of different niche positions well and know what kind of knowledge and experience to look for. In simple language, they fine-tune every aspect of recruiting to ensure the best talent comes on board.

How Do They Work?

Staffing Agencies gets a list of vacancies from the employer. The agency then places adverts on Internet job boards to attract talent. They also check other resources like the talent pools they have built and look within the candidates who are part of their job search network.

They scan the job applications and prepare a list of potential candidates that might be fit for different job vacancies in the company. If the contract with the company requires, they also conduct preliminary interviews, background checks and send the final list to the human resources of the company they are working for.

The human resource department takes the final interviews and also makes the final decision. The company generally pays for the number of candidates that were sent by the staffing agency.

How Staffing Agencies Help Companies Deal with Temporary Staffing Requirements

Many organizations often need to hire people with specific skills for a limited time or for a specific project. In such cases, hiring employees on a contract basis is the easy way forward. However, there are different government regulations pertaining to temporary employment that the company needs to follow. The legal bindings and complicated hiring rules make hiring process difficult and time-consuming.

Staffing agencies are well aware of the rules and regulations related to temporary recruitment. They can speed up the hiring process of temporary employees. The temporary employees ideally remain on the payroll of recruitment agency and they also manage the contractual obligations of such employment.

This allows companies to build staff strength when needed without burdening themselves. The staffing agency can provide companies with additional resources to help assist overloaded employees during critical times and keep projects moving.

How Staffing Agencies Help the Job Seekers

The companies are the not the only beneficiaries of services provided by the Staffing Agencies. The job seeker candidate also benefits from the agency. Professional recruiters are well aware of the new technology and skills that have high demand in the market.

Many professional recruiters step in to help candidates meet the requirements of the industry. They help candidates gain/learn skills and knowledge that are relevant to their profile. The grooming allows candidates to perform better in an interview and land their dream job.

Recruitment agencies are up-to-date with the latest happenings in the market. It helps the candidates to know about various job opportunities existing in different companies. Some of these jobs are not advertised on Internet job boards and the candidates are generally recruited through references.

Thus, you can see the role of Staffing Agency is diverse and they form a bridge between companies and job seekers. Without a recruiting agency, it might be a tough task for companies to fulfill their staffing requirement. Similarly, it will be difficult for job seekers to grab the right opportunity.

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