Why Using Recruitment Agencies Will Save You Time and Money

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Whether your firm is a multinational corporation or a small start-up business, when it comes to growing your staff you may begin to think about the option of hiring the services of recruitment agencies, but wonder – is it really worth it?

You are not the only one. Many employers find themselves dubious about whether using a skilled recruitment agencies Los Angeles is the best path for their business, wondering if the expense is worth a line item in their budget.

Well, the cost of hiring one employee can exceed to a large extent. Some of that expenditure is in training and lost productivity. But a good lump of the cost goes into the recruitment process itself: the time HR staff and managers spend discussing the opening; advertising the job posting; hours spent on screening; interviewing; re-interviewing; checking the background of the shortlisted candidates, and much more. HR departments frequently take these steps only to have to start the process all over again. And this is where the recruitment agency comes into existence.

So why use the services of the recruitment agencies New York? Especially for small-scale enterprises, where employees’ time is already stretched thin, recruiting internally often doesn’t make for a wise investment of existing resources. A recruitment agency to get the right candidates may be the way to go when you want to get the most bang for your buck.

A recruitment agency saves you time, and saves you money.

Taking the services of a recruitment firm is the perfect option for any hiring requirement, and here is a list of reasons why it always pays to use a recruitment agency.

1. Helps You Save Time in the Hiring Process: You can easily miss out on a potentially brilliant employee because he or she never arrives at your job posting. Recruitment agencies have far-reaching networks of potential employees and the best agencies keep thousands of resumes on file at all times. The agency will work with you to understand your unique requirements for a specific position to provide you with a better list of candidates than you would typically be able to assemble on your own. They will eventually save you time sorting through resumes of unsuitable applicants that don’t suit your work requirements.

2. Help You Decrease The Cost of Employee Turnover: Losing employees can actually cost you a good amount of time and money. A poor-performing employee takes up about 17 percent of a manager’s precious time. That can equate to approximately one wasted day each week. And don’t forget to account for the time and money that you will spend training a replacement. The recruitment agency can help you cut down on the possibility of turnover by vetting candidates before they walk in through your door. This gives the specialists a better idea of how potential candidates will mesh into a specific office culture.

3. Help You Eliminate Direct Hiring and Training Costs: On account of reducing hiring expenses, a recruitment agency performs pre-employment evaluations for you. The legwork involved in conducting these evaluations can drain your budget quickly. These costs can particularly affect mid or small-scaled organizations operating with tight budgets. Recruitment agencies also provide their candidates the opportunities for training and resources that will help them professionalize their talents, learn new job skills, and stay updated with the newest technological advancements.

4. Help You Reduce Overtime Hours: During your busiest months, you might need to fetch a flow of temporary workers. Recruitment agencies (www.wisegeek.net/what-do-recruitment-agencies-do.htm) can help you save money in these busy months by giving you quick and easy access to a diverse roster of candidates that have the skills required to fill your immediate work requirements. This will help you exclude costs of paying overtime for your full-time staff and grilling your most valued team members in the process.

Ultimately, you have nothing to lose. You don’t pay anything upfront, and the best agencies offer a money back guarantee, so if the candidate who is appointed isn’t the right fit, you are given a free replacement or partial refund of the fee paid!

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