The Roles of Employment Lawyers

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The employment laws in California are some of the most stringent ones in the United States. As they are also complicated and constantly evolving, complying with them can be challenging for employers. It can be difficult for employees too to figure out exactly what their rights are. And that is why, whether you are an employer or an employee, you may need the services of a Glendale employment lawyer to handle employment-related legal matters in the workplace.

Role of Employment Lawyers

Employment lawyers work in private and public sectors and are responsible for overseeing jurisdiction-specific contentious and non-contentious legal work. Here’s how a Glendale employment lawyer can help you:

The lawyer will explain your legal rights

As employment lawyers specialize in employer and employee relations and disputes, they have sound knowledge of the related legislation and the employment-related rules and regulations. The Glendale employment lawyer will explain the current employment laws in California that apply to your case and the legal options that are available to you. These can include resolving your issue by negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

The lawyer will advise you on which resolution method will prove most beneficial for you and also if there are any drawbacks to it that you might have to contend with. That will allow you to make an informed legal decision on your particular issue.

The lawyer will help employers comply with the law

If you are an employer, the Glendale employment lawyer will inform you about the local, state, and federal laws on employment issues that you must comply with. They will also let you know what you need to do to adhere to environmental and OSHA guidelines. Additionally, they will advise you on offering the appropriate remuneration to your employees. After bringing you up-to-date on the employment-related legalities, they will help you to draw up your employment policies, contracts, and agreements in compliance with these.

The lawyer will help you build your case

After reviewing the specific details of your complaint, the Glendale employment lawyer will investigate it. They may even hire competent investigators to do the necessary legwork. Along with researching past documents and disputes to support your legal position, they will also gather relevant evidence and interview witnesses. Based on the data they collect, they will let you know what your chances might be in court, and if you could prevail in your case.

The lawyer will file complaints about you

As an employee, you may have to take legal action if you have had to face discrimination, harassment, and lack of safety in your workplace. You may also take action for disputes related to wages, contract provisions, or wrongful termination from your position. The Glendale employment lawyer will assess your case and let you know if it is a claim worth pursuing and how much you may be entitled to in damages. They will then help you to file a complaint against your employer with the appropriate governmental agency.

Employment lawyers can also represent employers in legal disputes with employees. They can help them in suing employees for violating non-compete clauses, non-solicitation agreements, and non-disclosure contracts.

The lawyer will conduct negotiations on your behalf

The Glendale employment lawyer will review an employment contract or agreement on your behalf and let you know if the terms are favorable to you and how they could impact your rights in the coming years. They will help you to negotiate better terms of employment with your employer. If you seek a resolution in an employment-related dispute, they can handle the negotiations for that as well.

The lawyer will represent you in court

If negotiations with your employer fall through in an employment-related dispute, it will be necessary to take the matter to trial. The Glendale employment lawyer will prepare the legal paperwork, represent you in court, and argue your case before the judge and jury. They will make every effort to ensure that you have a fair hearing and get the compensation you are entitled to receive.

If you are an employer, the lawyer will help you to avoid the pitfalls of employment litigation. They can also represent you in administrative proceedings and make your case before various boards and commissions.

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